Bulgarian Folk - Rayna Popgeorgieva (Райна Попгеоргиева) (English translation)


Rayna Popgeorgieva (Райна Попгеоргиева)

Айде, провикна се турския
паша от Панагюрище,
Айде, вий идете и я уловете
Райна Попгеоргиева!
Нито я колете, нито я бесете,
най при мене доведете я!
Ази да я питам, питам и разпитвам
кой уши байряка,
кой уши байряка, кой му тури
знака "Смърт или свобода"
Айде, провикна се Райна Попгеоргиева
от Панагюрище
Щете ме колете, щете ме бесете,
аз уших байряка!
Аз уших байряка,
аз му турих знака,
"Смърт или свобода"!
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English translation

Rayna Popgeorgieva

'Go along' shouted the Turkish pasha
from Panagyurishte
'Go along and catch her
Rayna Popgeorgieva'
Neither slay her, nor hang her
But bring her back to me
I want to ask her, ask her and question her
Who sewed the flag?
Who sewed the flag and who sewed on its sign
"Death or Freedom"
Come on! shouted Rayna Popgeorgieva
From Panagyurishte
Slay me if you want, hang me if you want
I sewed the flag!
I sewed the flag
and I sewed on its sign
"Death or Freedom"
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Author's comments:

After falling under Ottoman rule in the end of the 11th century, the Bulgarian state seized to exist as an independent entity for nearly five centuries. In the spring of 1876 the April Uprising took place resulting inderectly in the re-establishment of Bulgaria. Rayna Popgeorgieva from the town of Panagyurishte was 20 years old teacher who sewed the flag of the April Uprising.