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We Are Reaper lyrics

  • Artist: Reaper

We Are Reaper

They inflicted wounds into themselves.
Some injuries were enough to kill them, gradually.
But they still kept on moving.
We studied the victim in a lab West of Kijuju
Sealing him in a plate-glass sealed room with one-way mirrors.
We left him adequate food and water and sealed him inside.
From him, we learned of the necrosis that was happening to his skin.
First, the skin pales.
In this case, the native turned his otherwise dark skin into a dry, cracked gray.
Blotches start to form, then sores.
Through weeks of isolation, we saw the skin turn into a gray, cracked, husk.
Into greenish sores, blabbering on in Afrikaans.
Days later, the man self-terminated.
As he was being prepared for burial, we noticed
that the corpse was twitching rapidly.
It was too strange to be called necrotic twitching.
It was as if the corpse still wanted to move.
A heavily wounded man exhibiting symptoms of the Blomme spores
started to grow an inhuman amount of muscle and tissue
around the injured parts of his body.
We sedated him and placed him in an isolation room for study.
The results were astonishing.
The Waansin spores regenerated parts of the wounded man's body
with a red mass that gave a red pigmentation on the person's skin.
The infected showed signs of an intense wendigo psychosis.
An insatiable desire to feed on a human's flesh.
As the days passed by, I started to get weary and tired.
We had taken every precaution not to get infected with the Waansin agent
to the point of sterilization.
Angel was obviously harboring the stage one symptoms of the Waansin complex.
As we came closer to restrain her, she knew of our intent,
and simply shot herself in the chest.
Not in the forehead, where the brain will forever slumber,
but the chest.
After that incident, we decided to get the hell out of there.
We gave them proper burials, and left Africa.
Due to my colleague's Native American ancestry, we decided to
name the condition as the Wendigo complex.
But the thing was, the case was far, far from over.
There was a final symptom discovered,
and out of the four, this was the worst.
The necrotic twitching I spoke of before.
Might as well go there and eat them
I'll eat... and eat... and eat....and eat...
The dead come. They don't see me.
I eat. Tasty .
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Submitter's comments:

The song lyrics are extracted excerpts from this story, Necrosis licensed under CC BY-SA. The story was in turn based off lore from Resident Evil, making it a fanfic. I'm not sure how copyright works but - credit to the lyrics goes to the user Mystreve. with modifications by the band.

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