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Rule Number Three

So many you have done that she grew tired
because you, boy
abuse the rule number three
where less is worth more.
At first, she cryied
but decided to stay
it's because the happy moments
had left roots in her grief
afterwards, she lost hope
because the forgiveness also tires of forgiving.
There's always the day the hole things falls apart
go enjoy your desert
but leave the lightbulb lit
if someday the sadness wishes to enter
and a drink nearby
because you can be certain
that you will cry.
Submitted by Fabio on Sun, 02/01/2011 - 01:16
Author's comments:

The Rule number three is the football (soccer for the north americans) rule that states the maximum number of substitutions a team can performe during the match, that's why "less is worth more".
Ergo, the autor is alluding to a abuse of substitutions the boy performed on his relationship, using the substitutes on the love game.


Regra Três

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algebra    Sat, 04/06/2011 - 00:44

Olá. algumas sugestões

Da primeira vez ela chorou --> The first time (you did it), she only cried
Se algum dia a tristeza quiser entrar -> Just in case one day sadness decides to come in

Bem aqui eu ousaria da seguinte forma:
Tinham deixado raízes no seu penar --> Left deep marks in her sorrow
Pois vai curtir seu deserto, vai. --> Ok, go enjoy the desert of your loneliness