Please translate Гора не бяда


Гора не бяда

Я не ведаю, што са мной
I што далей мяне чакае.
Можа, суджана быць адной,
Бо адразу дваiх кахаю.

Чыста ў рэчаньцы вада,
Усё перамелецца пустое.
Людзi кажуць нездарма,
Што я бядовая --
Гора не бяда!

Гора не бяда!
Гора не бяда!

Доля горкая ты мая!
Я ж нiкому анi паўслова.
Пагадала на караля -
Зноў пiковы i зноў бубновы.


Разгубiлася, не дай бог,
Ды паклiкаў на волю вецер.
Заспяшалася (Па-) за парог,
Дзе даўно зачакаўся трэцi.


Гора не бяда!...
Гора не бяда!


Словы А. Лягчылава
Музыка Л. Шырына

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Please help to translate "Гора не бяда"
stoneowl    Tue, 21/03/2017 - 20:24

This one is hard to translate... I’ve added a rough translation, but it’s a VERY preliminary version, so I’m adding it as a comment.

The song is about a girl who is confused about her romantic feelings, and is not sure whom really she loves. Гора and бяда can refer either to (a) her troubles or the sadness she feels, or to (b) the troubles or sadness she creates for other people because she can’t make up her mind.


I don’t know what’s happening to me,
And what awaits me in the future.
Maybe I’m destined to be alone,
Because I love two people at the same time.

The water in the river is clean,
All the vain things will pass away (literally: will be ground [as if in a mill])
People have a reason to say
That I’m causing troubles...
One should’t give in to troubles/sadness!

One should’t give in to troubles/sadness!
One should’t give in to troubles/sadness!

O my bitter fate!
I can’t tell even half a word [about this] to anyone.
I’ve read cards about love
And I’ve got king of spades and king of diamonds again.


I had been so lost; let God save [us all from being so lost].
But wind called me to become free
I hurried to get out behind the threshold
Where the third person had been waiting for so long.


One should’t give in to troubles/sadness!..
One should’t give in to troubles/sadness!


I like this song very much. Unfortunately, the my translation is nowhere as good as the original. The original lyrics are very well-written.

I understand the refrain to refer to the fact that becomes clear once the mud goes down, and so you just need to wait for some time to get your answers.

Also, the refrain references a proverb «Усё перамелецца — мука будзе» ‘Everything will be ground down to become flour’. It’s used to say that everything will pass, leaving us with something valuable in the end. It evokes imagery of river as a symbol of the years of life. Perhaps the river of life is keeping the water mill, which gives us the valuable flour, running.

I don’t know how to keep all this in translation So, I’ve just added this as a comment, maybe it helps to get the general idea.

The second verse of the song references a specific method of divination, when you choose people who will be represented by kings in the deck, and reads other cards to find out how those ‘kings’ feel about you. I don’t know what’s the English name for this.