Please translate Barbarian

  • Artist: Mona Haydar
  • Song: Barbarian
  • Request: English → Turkish
  • Submitter's comments:

    Lütfen Mona Haydarın Hijabi şarkısını da çevirir misiniz

  • Translations: Russian


If they're civilized, I'd rather stay savage

We them barbarians
Beautiful and scaring them
Earth shakin rattling
Be wild out loud again

We them barbarians
Jasmine and Frankincense
Feminine invading them
Beautiful Barbarians

Say it again
Beautiful barbarian
Say it again
Beautiful barbarian
A beast before, now, they
wanna be wearin my skin
We don’t let them win
We beautiful barbarians

Lemme think back, I remember days
On these big lips, oh they used to hate
Now the script flipped
Oh hey!
They got a lip kit. Kylie J
One hunnit, real talk, that's what I'm on
If I'm a savage, then you're a fraud
My chains off, won't be long
See me glowing, look at God

So fresh and so eloquent, uh
I keep it humble and elegant, uh
Your beauty standard irrelevant, uh
A revolution is so imminent, uh
We keep it joyful and bedouin, uh
I see my momma as evidence, uh
Nobody needs your benevolence, what?
Feminist planet is imminent, ah!


[Verse 2]
Barbarian? That's how you really feel?
Like you didn't start war over oil fields?
Opium. Poppy seeds. Money moves. Cardi B

Tried to make me hate me for my hips and nose
Now they got imposters, on a spread in Vogue
Not a single feature
That they let us own
Oh they packin fillers

Ultralight beam metaphysical, huh
Power no longer invisible, huh
Your beauty standard is cynical, oh
A revolution is so critical
Power so deep and so mystical
They say the personal is so political, oh
Women, our future is winnable
We gotta be indivisible


This nose, decolonize
This hair, decolonize
This skin, decolonize
This body, decolonize
This mind, decolonized

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