Please help to translate "The Blues, Mary"


The Blues, Mary

I learned how to hammer
In the burning August sun
I learned how to lie and cheat
How to steal and just how to run
I fell asleep most nights
Somebody else's blood on my tongue, your tongue
You learn just how to run
But it's just the blues, Mary, the blues
Swirling around my head like your dreams in Dorothy's shoes
I'm somewhere over the rainbow for you
I learned how to cry
In them lonesome September nights
I learned to get by
With the dogs and the dirt and the charm of the street
I fell asleep most nights
With your pictures right behind my eyes, your eyes
The killer and the victim
Right at the same time
And cause your smile
Is bright like the ramparts on the 4th of July
And my baby swings like a boxer
And sends her right hooks under my chin
She cries like a baby
And she wears me just like a ring
Cries like a baby
And she wears me just like a ring
I'd rather go than watch you leave
I learned how to swagger
I learned how to hold you while your body burn
I learned how to compromise
While this whirlwind hurricane turned
We fell asleep most nights
With each other's blood on our tongues
My love
Have you ever just had enough?


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