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[Verse 1: Barebase]
I been waiting at the top for you, where you been? x 4
First on the scene, bang, through the door
The gun, the badge, a rogue cop with no support
And I'm supposed to hold the fort?
Now hold that thought, hold the phone
There's no one home, I'm here, I'm all alone
And I been waiting at the top for you, where you been?
I radioed in, an hour ago, I radioed in
Maybe it's him, maybe it's me, maybe I'm losing it
Now where could they be, wait for the WOO, the sound of the music in
[Verse 2: King Grubb]
Yo, it all started rather civilised
Cheeky little pint
Five minutes later, swigging whisky with my eyes, plural
Coordinated when I smoke and drink something purple
Cut the Persil, to push at Churchills, it's nothing personal
Yo, it's strong shit
That's why it burns your nose
Nobody laugh 'cos, uh, everybody's gotta blag
To stab more cash and get trollied on the razz
And bankroll hash
Just to show I got a bit of class, I mix the Frosty's with the yak
Fuck popping bottles for these slags
If you're anything like me, you're obviously smashed
[Verse 3: Salar]
You lot aren't get Ps like many riches
You lot are getting Ps like R Kelly's bitches
I'm telling kiddas your clique is ten a penny
We're merry Henny drinkers
Don't ask questions, that's brick peli peli business
MC's bezzies with plenty sisters
Cos I'm a smooth talking cat, like a friend of Lister's
Talking the swegg-est
Sporting the fresh-est
Nautica NS
'83, don't play with me
[Verse 4: Bill Shakes]
Cold saggin' absinthe shots
Scrap with plod
Leave for half a job
Bobbing, land of nod slap his fod
Bill Shakes, twisted face
Been awake 60 days, didn't flake
Stack me dinner plate Christmas day
Kill it straight
Drunk, scruffy
Spend drug money on butties and munchies
Vodka caner
Cosmic vapour blazer
Pass it like a hot potato
It's a good day for the night
[Verse 5: Lee Scott]
Looking like I just woke up, 'cos I just woke up
5pm, I dream meself alive again
Find me zen
Vodka in me Berocca
Exposing meself like Ziggy Sobotka
Kicking your crown chakra off your head
Off me head
Took the bread and the chocolate spread
Then left it on the side for the flies
Pour some liquor out for the untimely demise of the vibe
Comfortably sad, I run in your pad
Eat the big piece of chicken and nuggy your dad
Lad, me first words were 'what's happening, laaa?'
I'm the greatest of all time, ask me Ma
[Verse 6: Black Josh]
I went round the corner, to see if Trouble's home
Smoke weed and watch cartoons on Crunchyroll
I hope the girls I treated bad still love me loads
'Cos I tried to give a fuck but I couldn't though
22, I done over a hundred shows
Didn't have any merch, I just hussled dope
Promoters trying not to pay, the days I had nothing sold
But I always got my money though
I was a kid back then and now I'm fully grown
My journey gonna be one of the greatest stories told
I'm sweet
Black on them white like Oreos
Drugs, money, women
Swear it's like all I know
[Verse 7: Milkavelli]
I'm on a B-M B-M-T
With your BMs B-M-T
Send a DM on DMT
Russian' in my blood like a vodka shot
Drinking molatov cocktails on the rocks
My mood's on and off, like a light switch
On and off
In the coffee shop, nodding off
I need to draw the line like dot to dot
Cup full of cosmic slop, Funk Doctor Spock
Let it begin, Under the Bed it begun
You do the talk when I walk
We get it said and it's done
We get it said and it's done
Devil Gang on my neck
I went to Hell just for fun
[Verse 8: Stinkin Slumrok]
Do these gally got ask me why I always talk in grease [?], Slum
Told her 'shut that noise, slut, I'll making them fucking knees burn'
Got big body bitches, bit of beagle and some cheap rum
And what's that about the Swamp?
Yo nigga get your head fried
Try to oppose the squad, vacated as the dead type
Just stick around for pussy potent pounds
They call me Young Macbeth
Wear your blood all on my hands and my back, woah
Everytime we shut the venue down
Yeah your shit, blood [?]
Man can taste my pubies in her mouth
Nigga get dough, 'fore you try to understand what we're about
Sacrifice it to the cult
I take it and return you now
[Verse 9: Sniff]
Yo, in my mind, there's too many dead cells
I'mma stick to being dead, 'cos being dead sells
Sniff two lines and my chest swells
You know what, I guessed well
Might send a card saying 'get well'
Or I might send a call saying 'fetch Trell'
Find me in a bar where the sex smells
Been a hot minute since I left Hell
Yeah well, Hilfiger X-L
No regrets but the debt dwells
Yo, this one here a game changer
Two Stellas, hit bae with a haymaker
[Outro: Barebase]
I been waiting at the top for you, where you been?
I been waiting at the top for you, where you been?
I been waiting at the top for you, where you been?
I been waiting at the top for you, where you been?


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