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Please help to translate "Cry Wolf"


Cry Wolf

"Night I left the city,
I dreamt of a wolf..."
He came from where the winds are cold
and truth is seen through keyholes
...strange longings never sleep
Now he's come where no hearts beat
Cry wolf
time to worry
Cry wolf
You can start, but you cannot stop
You give in, but you can't give up
You can tell all your desperate jokes
to a world that puts
love on hold
Cry wolf
time to worry now
Cry wolf
...the sunken-in eyes
And the pain in his cries
A shape in the dark...
Cry wolf
time to worry
Cry wolf
Submitter's comments:

Music: Mags
Words: Mags and Pål Waaktaar

This is the version of the booklet.



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