Please translate Dark Queen


Dark Queen

Dear momma
Love you momma (that's on gang)
And grandmama (1600 block)
That be Maaly Raw

Dear momma
I don’t wanna sign off (no way)
Outchea getting commas (count up)
Like my dad, I'm a grinder (oh yeah)
She don't want me locked up (locked up)
Momma I’m gon' wash up (wash up, yeah)
Whip my wrist it lock up (yeah)
All my diamonds rocked up (oh yeah)
I don't wanna sign off (woah)

[Verse 1]
Momma love me so I can do no wrong (do no wrong)
Momma in the trap so this her favorite song (favorite song)
I'm gon' get them racks lil baby they so long (so long)
Said I wasn't nothing but I came in strong (strong)
You got the best advice but I won't call (no way)
I know I'm grown so I do not need ya’ll (I got it)
And if I get locked up, mom change the law (oh yeah)
You fix everything so that’s what I thought (thought)
When I was small momma made me tall (tall)
Even though I'm daddy pup she still gon’ wipe my paws
Don't care about this money, don't care about them cars (she don't, she don’t)
Lose my momma that's a problem you can't solve

[Verse 2]
Now I got the game in a headlock (headlock)
Never catch me lackin' run a red light (no lackin' shorty, skrrt)
Bitch we talk in codes we the real slimes (on folk n'em)
They tried to break my safe I had a deadlock (deadlock)
Momma used to bag in the day time (day time)
Momma got that bag by the night time (night time)
Was on thirty second street I was like 8 then (I think Cumberland)
Moved to FrancisVille and met my real friends (bah)
Momma said stay down there 'fore you get hurt (1600 block)
That was way before I was Lil Uzi Vert (1600 block)
Momma saw me in action it could've got worse (1600 block)
I know that my momma know I'm shootin' first