Please translate If I Killed Someone For You


If I Killed Someone For You

I'm sorry that I did this, the blood is on my hands
I stare at my reflection, I don't know who I am
Practice my confession in case I take the stand
I'll say I learned my lesson, I'll be a better man

I'm packing up my things and
I'm wiping down the walls
I'm rinsing off my clothes and
I'm walking through the halls
I did all for her so I felt nothing at all
I don't know what she'll say,
So I ask her when she calls

Would you love me more (would you love me more)
If I killed someone for you?
Would you hold my hand? (would you hold my hand?)
They're the same that I used
When I killed someone for you
Would you turn me in (would you turn me in)
When they say I'm on the loose
Would you hide me when (would you hide me when)
My face is on the news?
'Cause I killed someone for you

I hear the sirens coming, I see the flashing lights
I'm driving through the suburbs, wearing my disguise
I show up at her door step to look her in the eyes
I tell her that it's me, but she doesn't recognize
Can't you see I'm running? Said I need a place to hide
I've gotta ask you something, could you please let me inside?
Just let me explain, no, I wouldn't tell you lies
I know you'll understand if you let me stay the night


You have to understand that the one I killed is me
Changing what I was for what you wanted me to be
I followed your direction, did everything you asked
I hope it makes you happy, 'cause there's just no turning back


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