Please translate The Last Horizon


The Last Horizon

Sister I'm depending on your strenth
To help me through it all
And foresight to make sure I find my way
Colours paint the photograph
The picture isn't always black
For deep within I know I'm flying high

Oh li la li la li

Substance is what makes me strong
And blind faith help me carry on
Without it I can only ever dream
Bewildered now I find myself
Through clearly I can see a wealth
Of wisdom that lives deep within my soul

The sun shines into the garden
It helps the seeds to grow
Rain in june, makes it much harder
When rain turns into snow

And I'm bored to hell with all this negative
It makes me want to shout it out

Don't forget, don't even try to
Help the feelings grow
I feel alive the passion never dies
There never can be failure
Which only goes to show