Please translate Livin' It Up


Livin' It Up


Livin' it up!

Get back
Against the wall nigga
Because you'll go to jail
[Livin' it up]
Jail, we know we know
But you're doin' time
God damn say
[Livin' it up]
I heard you had a (ounce heady)
They say you was a
[Hurry it up]
But you're (---)

No use in crying
Got to fight, with all your might
For what you believe
Never give up
[Give up give up, yeah]

(I used ---)
Haven't seen no light
From the real side
Do what you know is right


Got to be a (---)
All the time he was
[Livin' it up]
Living in a glass world, lookin' out, tryna find meaning on the inside
Can you dig it?
[Livin' it up]
Get up!
Let your mind be the best of you
[Livin' it up]
Watch the snake in the grass
Slip aside and let him pass
Before he'll bite your ass

Life gon' be like
[Livin' it up]
You know you know
[Livin' it up]
You were, livin' it up, glass world, lookin' on the upside
[Livin' it up]
Get back say
[Livin' it up]


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Rounded brackets indicate phrases I can't quite figure out.