Please translate Psychic Jugglers


Psychic Jugglers

“A dialogue between paradoxes.
Feuding perceptions in the everlasting
scales-tipping war”

Subconscious foreword
{ Goblins, Imps and farfadets of this cerebral reality…
Mischievous children of the elusive spiritual magic
Atomic parcels of a slippery slippery immensity
Dance ! Gambol ! Exult !!
Go astray of linear paths !!
Free yourselves from the coherent slavery suggested
by the Unclean !!!! }

{ Sporadic fireballs !! Experiment Chaos intensity !! }

{ Perpendicular euphoria
Burst ! Feverish coloured bubbles !!!
Blotch this predictable mindscape. }

{ You Lunatic ! Be Damned !! Irresponsible
traitor to the Order !
Why…why this spontaneous incitation to mutiny …?!
Herald of confused notions… }

{ I AM discernment ! Monochrome protector of the cellular enclosure and its shepherd.....
These imps must be controlled, supervised, realistic...}

{ Obliterate the lock !!! Open Wide the Arena’s gates and let the Goblins
play !!!! }

{ “Feasting ! Rejoicing ! The tyrant is sleeping…
May the will-o’-the-wisps sip His foolery as it
Is time for Tea ! Feasting ! Rejoicing !
The willows are dripping… As robotic genes sing
lullabies, pretty, pretty ZOMBIE !! Catch a falling
moon ! Will they paint our skin !? Voodoo !!” }

{ Besieged by you, Reason and Conformity.
Thieves of the imaginary realm,
Immolators of Childish souls… Binary taste….
Strolling slowly within this infinite playground… }

{ Eccentrics… cannot appreciate
the pertinence of a slumber
devoid of rodents ….
Your purple blood wade within
The sensorial estimation of
A slimy walled fortress !! }

{My wisdom submerges
the disillusioned reptilian
--- Never look up or down ---
Unwavering – Steady – Straight
Unwavering – Steady – Straight. }

{ Grimace and run, to the opposite side of the herbivore gates who devour
the greenish mixture !! I see your bones and they are aligned such as
paladin ants crossing a wall of stimulating magma. Tame the Cerberus, aim
with serenity and get out of its cavern the swiveling tower of Intra-cosmos
!! }

{ Stupefaction ! The fictive inexistent is materializing…internal visual
information astounded by the absence of total nothingness. Behold Emptiness
and meditate…
… it not magnificent, to transcend/surpass the focus of an elitist
vision….not so hard to fix oxygen when you’re living with us… }

Living Ideas/Goblins
(in the booklet, and following stanza is almost impossible to read with the
texts overlapping each other ... wish I could show you)

{ “Hey !!! Vile hunchback, You’re trampling my mushrooms !!
The me of your anyway is getting oh ! silence must prevail
Economically speaking we cannot afford to let them live decently
What a grotesque nose !
Le the sun shine ! Teeth are painting your inside…
Bah ! May rust nibbles your winged boots !
Everybody ! Caress your hands and let’s be happy friends with big joy !
Does my tan contrast with the architecture ?
Talk talk to me broomstick !
He...He.. Are you frightened of Free Brains ?
May I borrow your head for the evening ? “ }

Hummmm....swimming in boiling holy water is such a bloody delight
Shut up !! Gather yourselves and join the assembly...
La Sarabande commence...

We're a boneless civilization in perpetual distraction
In the recess of our volcano
Digging, initializing sequence number 9 : Evolutive Eruption
We are not, we are nuts
Fools in a flesh Starship !

Let's munch our gnarled fingers, Oh ! Sweet atrophy
Skeletons in the gallery, sons of a hybrid galaxy
Trelinak Gör, Chüss Eilorka Snurtifov
Screamed words of goblin's faith, Just never say Checkmate !