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Please help to translate "Rule #22 - If Trees Could Talk"

  • Artist: Fish in a Birdcage
  • Featuring artist: Kristina Helene
  • Album: Waterfall
  • Song: Rule #22 - If Trees Could Talk
  • Translations: Czech
  • Request: English → Chinese
  • Submitter's comments:

    Hello, I would kindly ask if anyone would be interested in translating this amazing peace of music. I would also be grateful for allowing me to use translation in a lyric video with crediting the translator. Thank You kindly for your attention,sending best regards!


Rule #22 - If Trees Could Talk

As we hike this mountain side,
Cedars racing towards the sky
Weeping willows swing and sway
The rocks in our toes are rumbling
If this tree could talk
What would it say?
After so many years rooted in place
You’ve lived a long life my friend
Felt the cold, felt the wind,
You’ve seen better days I’m sure
A skeleton of what was before
If this tree could talk,
What would it say?
After hundreds of years, rooted in place
Submitter's comments:

Rule #22 - If Trees Could Talk · Fish in a Birdcage · Kristina Helene


℗ Fish in a Birdcage

Released on: 2020-10-17

Producer: Thomas Kinzel
Music Publisher: Copyright Control
Composer Lyricist: Dustan Townsend



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