Please help to translate "Soil the Stillborn"


Soil the Stillborn

Lifeless little creatures
Prepared for the priest
Torn from the womb then seduced and consumed
Soil the stillborn
Harvested for pleasure and greed
Puncture the lungs of every being
Under three years of age
Twisted experiments to separate souls from flesh in an effort to dine upon what the lord has blessed
Will find a way to rape your spirit and implant my seed
Deep in the ether I shall forge a paradise of death and despair
Gigantic monuments that touch the clouds deliciously depict
The paedophilic necrophilic lust to force myself
Inside fallen children
I am a divine
Child defiler
Incestuous preaching liar
I will define
Fear and all that is unholy
The nursery is dimly lit as I now lurk among the cribs
Medical charts like paper tombstones
The cradle calls me in
As I mount the bassinet my cock erupts insanity
My visions impure their infantile features beckon to me
As I thrust I feel the immature soul leave through me
I remove myself
Her dead flesh is still sweating as I dig out her
Infantile intestines
Paedophiles draped in holy robes
Stillborn child limp and broken
Men of christ believing prophecies from a book of lies
Unjustified mistreating
Relentless bleeding and anal seeping
I feel the soul leave through me
Her dead flesh is still sweating
As I dig out her infantile intestines
Soil the Stillborn
Soil the Stillborn
Soil the Stillborn
Fucked in the name of God
The cradle rocks as the wood begins to splinter
I shove my cock
Into this newborn infant's sphincter


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