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Soul Mate

feels like we’ve lived 100 lives before
together and then decided on one more
here on earth where everything is cruel
‘cause no one knows that this is just a school
for what it’s worth, i’d die with you again
100 more times multiplied by 10
i hope i’ll always have you in my mind
so that i know to find you every time
soul mate
soul mate
soul mate
won’t you dance here with me while it grows late
put your head
on my chest
that’s your safe place
we’ll fall deeper in love every day
from life
unto life
and for always
i’ll be there when you need me around
when night finally comes
and the leaves have fallen from the tree
baby you’ll have me
soul mate
maybe there’s not a brightness in this dark
other than what is burning in this heart
but if we fight to keep this thing alive
pretty sure there’s no end to us in sight
i’ll follow you into whatever is next
or you can follow me, whatever’s best
but first let’s dance the dance that lovers do
before we go to sleep and start anew
i promise you that i’ll find a way
to give you hope, to keep you close and safe
keep you no matter come what may
and then we’ll sleep, in endless shades of gray


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