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Please help to translate "Think I’m in love"

  • Artist: Sebastian Allen
  • Song: Think I’m in love
  • Translations: Turkish
  • Request: English → French
  • Submitter's comments:

    I’d really like it to rhyme in the same places between the French and English versions, but if its too difficult that’s fine.

    If this is ever published as a song, appropriate credits to translator will
    be made 😁


Think I’m in love

It’s too good to be true,
But I can’t stop thinking of you;
The way you talk,
the way you walk,
I think I’m in love.
It feels so impossible.
It’s so incomprehensible.
The way that you smile
Keeps me staring for a while
I think I’m in love
it’s only been a week so far
But It feels like years
And knowing that it’s mutual
Eliminates my fears
Before I was lonely,
But when you call me honey,
with all your good deeds,
it only leads me
to think I’m in love


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Translations of "Think I’m in love"