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when I had born

When I had born a beautiful dream,
had born with me.
when I grew up, it grew up with me.
the dream of me, my dream !
I hope to see you here
great how much are you ?
I can not wait to live you

look ! to their faces, all people I know
their faces say no, I will never live you !
Listen ! what they say all people I know
their are saying no, I will never achieve you !
no, I will never feel your joy !
you are just like a toy of a child,
if time passes you will leave my mind
you will fly away, in the sky there away
by the winds of the painful reality
you will fly away, in the sky there away
why do not they see the light it is here
in the depth of the night,

hey all !
it is just a walk, be awake an never stop
walking to the top, you will catch the light anyway
it is up, upside a mountain of glass, inside
the depth of the night, your dream needs a flight
a flight in the life s night, you Strongly should Fight the darkness,
and you will touch the sparkles someday !

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