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Wild Side [TV Size]

Massに合わせた lifestyle無理でも楽すりゃ不利 Freedom 謳歌
理不尽吹き飛ばす skill これ違う last minute
Merci, au revoir
Pride は邪魔する猛者, Donc vas-y jette ça
全て try し困憊, 笛に救われ halftime
I kept walking on the wild side
I don't wanna fall asleep throughout my life
Sometimes in a buffalo style
Sometimes like a rock'n roll mind
(be wild side)
Climax 夢見 all in
オッズ見えない blurred
(try it)
気持ち飛び立つ Boeing
It is a wonderful my life
Please could you kiss my name?
When the music's over
Turn off light
It was a such a sweet time
Could you pray for me, my friend?
It's starting over time
Taking over night
Taking over blue time
If you heard that screaming shout in your mind
Taking over shine
Taking over shooting star
All I was talking about was music
And that's called jazz!
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