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The Wild Wild Berry

Young man came from hunting faint and weary
"What does ail my love, my dearie?!"
"O mother dear, let my bed be made
For I feel the gripe of the woody nightshade"
Lie low sweet Randall

Come all you young men that do eat full well
And them that sups right merry
"This far better, I entreat, to eat toads for your meat
Than to eat of the wild, wild berry!"

This young man, well, he died fair soon
By the light of the hunters' moon
"This was not by bolt, nor yet by blade
But the leaves and the berries of the woody nightshade"

This lord's false love, well, they hanged her high
For 'this was by her deeds that her lord should die'
Within her locks they entwined a braid
Of the leaves and the berries of the woody nightshade

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OST King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017)

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