Right from the get-go

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Right from the get-go (English) — من البداية

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Right from the get-go — Since the beginning, Since the start

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"Right from the get-go" in lyrics

We're touching, we're teasing
We don't need a reason
And I've got a feeling, that soon we'll be leaving
Right from the get go, you had me at hello
Can't wait so let's go, 'cause you're the only one that's taking me home

Little Mix - Private Show

And that's exactly what I didn't want to happen
But you and me had to be a perfect fit
Yeah right from the get go I couldn't let go
Lookin' in your eyes it felt so right
I said I want some more of this

High Valley - Exactly What I Didn't Want To Happen

I gotta let you know

Yeah, We fell in love right from the get-go
You said you'd never let go
You said you'd always need me

Mozhdah Jamalzadah - Words