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Riki tiki (English translation)

  • Artist: Gang Albanii
  • Song: Riki tiki
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Riki Tiki

[Chorus x2]
Riki Tiki drugs
From Albania Gang
[Verse 1]
The King is fucked up on the dance floor
And he vomits gold, leaning against the loudspeaker
The walls here are bending from the bass
And I, wasted, am waiting for the guests
Borixon tears the insert out of his ass
And he puts it in some chick's drink
She drank it all and is screaming so much
Cocaine is starting to fall from the sky
I am staggering already on my feet
And Alibaba is coming my way with the guys
One of them is tripping over
And hits his face on the pavement
The ecstasy was kicking in
And I told them, that it's very strong
Alibaba laughs, saying:
In 5 minutes, king, we are starting the concert
Prostitutes jump into the shallow paddling pool
Shouting: "Golden King, do you want us?"
You don't have to ask an Albanian twice
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
This is the Gang from Albania, our second disc
Today I'll take a million photos with you
If you don't know what to say, then better not ask me
Just give an Albanian high five!
[Chorus x4]
Riki Tiki drugs
From Albania Gang
[Verse 2]
Riki tiki cool cars
Exclusive cars and shows of fashion
Money, champagnes, different varieties
Photos, money-money, Albanian fans
Stacks, noses, new hopes
Tunings, engravings, Breitlings
Wives, coupons, xenons, new rings
DJs, thieves, mixers, scratchings
Fleet, kilos of gold, Andrzej Gołota
Riki Tiki and Radek from America
Visas, flights, Albanian Snatches
Drinks, cowboys, Borixons, Leroys
Routes, holidays, Forests too high
Earning, returning, borrowing, cash
YouTube, clubs, large screens, VlogMasses
Dishes, clothes and other delicacies
Shops, shops, beems, royalties
Smarts, karts, joke music
Clubs, weddings, turning the screw
Night hunting and head drawing
Gauze, brass knuckles, the most expensive tickets
Murmurs, frills, creating scandals
Hotels, brothels, Saturdays, Sundays
Laughs, sadness, waxed shoes
Gits, chains, avoiding jail
Burning the dick, growing cress
Dita Cazal, vocal money
Riki Tiki - real Albanians
Vodka, spoon, Dutch marijuana
Reggae mixes, double mixes
Gold, platinum, emeralds, rubies
That's exactly what we like the most!
[Chorus x4]
Riki Tiki drugs
From Albania Gang
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Author's comments:

'Riki Tiki' is the sound the drugs make.


Riki tiki

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