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To Steal a Kiss From You

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I want to look at you
so that I can steal a kiss from you
I want to hug you, longing your warmth
I want to look at you
its what I want the most
I want to catch you and give you my love.
I can't anymore!
A minute without looking at you, without being able to touch you.
I can't anymore. Every time you go
in a minute I start to miss you
it's the truth
it's the truth
I need you! Even to breath.
(with) What you give me
(with) what you give me
you make it so that I only want to stay by your side.
your love is driving me crazy
I am going mad for your love
because you make me fly to the skies
and feel that I am your universe.
I'm going crazy for your love
your love is driving me mad
I want to share my existence (my being) with you
in a dream
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Robarte Un Beso

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