Robi dinareskoro (English translation)


Robi dinareskoro

O manuš avdive ulo,
Robi dinareskoro.
Robi dinareskoro,
A na Allaheskoro.
Dikhena celo dživdipa,
Te keden barvalipa.
Anglo Allahi naj-baro,
Nange, pernange k' ikljova.
Refren (2x):
Allahi dova kerava:
"Dinarestar arakh man,
Te khugja mange ko kalbi.
Ka bistrav tut Allahi."
"A tu sijan po-manglo,
Jaratdžija sarengoro.
Samo man te zamangje,
Na vajlani o dinari mange."
Robi dinareskoro,
Ama šejtaneskoro.
O dinari ki godi,
Barvalipe ko kalbi.
Agjahar na vajlani,
Adžikerel džehennemi.
Ka avel dive, ka roven,
Pišmani but ka peren.
Refren (2x).
Kobor manuša avdive,
O dinari zamanglje.
But gudlo o dinari,
Ikalel tutaro Dini.
Bistergje o kaburi,
Bistergje o kijameti.
Bistergje o džehennemi,
Dinareske ule robi.
Refren (2x).
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The slave of the penny

Nowadays the man is
A slave of the penny.
A slave of the penny,
Instead of the servant of Allah.
They look their entire lives,
To collect wealth.
But, they will all stand naked, barefoot,
In front of the Allah Almighty.
Chorus (2x):
I'm making a Du'a1 to Allah:
"Protect me from the penny!
For if it enters my Qalb2,
I will forget you, o Allah."
"But you are more important than all,
You're the Creator3 of everything.
I just want to be beloved by You,
And I don't need the penny."
The slaves of the penny,
The slaves of satan.
The penny is in the mind,
The wealth is in the heart.
But that's not how it's supposed to be,
They're just waiting for jahannam4.
The day will come and they will cry,
And they'll be full of regret5.
Chorus (2x).
How many people today,
Have fallen in love with the penny.
This penny is so sweet,
That it takes away one's Din6.
They forgot the Qabr7,
They forgot the Qiyamah8.
They forgot the jahannam,
They were the slaves of the penny.
Chorus (2x).
  • 1. "Duʿāʾ" [Arabic: دعاء] = "prayer / supplication / invocation". (read more)
  • 2. "Qalb" [Arabic: قلب] = "heart". (read more)
  • 3. "Yaratıcı" [Ottoman Turkish: يارادیجی] = "Creator". (read more)
  • 4. "Jahannam" [Arabic: جهنّم] = "inferno / hell". (read more)
  • 5. "Pashīmāni" [Persian: پشیمانی] = "Regret". (read more)
  • 6. "Dīn" [Arabic: دين‎] = "Faith / Religion". (read more)
  • 7. "Qabr" [Arabic: قبر] = "grave". (read more)
  • 8. "Qiyāmah" [Arabic: قيامة] = "Resurection" - They forgot that one day every soul will be resurrected in front of the God almighty, at the Day of Judgement. (read more)
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