Рок-н-ролл мертв (Rok-n-roll mertv) (English translation)

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Rock'n'roll is dead

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How nervous are faces, the trouble will come;
I remember there was the sky, I don't remember - where;
We'll be all together again, we'll say "Hello",
Something is wrong in this;
Rock'n'roll is dead, but I'm yet not,
Rock'n'roll is dead, but I'm ....;
Those who love us, look following us.
Rock'n'roll is dead, but I'm yet not.
From now on, the time will flow as the crow flies;
A step upwards, a step aside, their world is behind.
I burned their lives like a heap of old newspapers,
Only dirty asphalt remains.
Elbow to elbow, a Brick in the Wall;
We stood too proudly and we pay triple price:
For those who were with us,
for those who were waiting for us,
For those who will never forgive us that:
Chorus: x2
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Рок-н-ролл мертв (Rok-n-roll mertv)

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