Roméo kiffe Juliette (English translation)

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Romeo Likes Juliette

Romeo lives on the ground floor of the third building
Juliette in the flat in front of it,on the last floor
They both are sixteen and everyday when they see each other
Grows in their gazes a need to share
They cross the line on their first date
Under an autumn weather ,their bodies are drenched
They kiss like crazy without a care about the wind and the cold
Because love knows seasons that reason doesn't know about
Romeo likes Juliette and Juliette likes Romeo
If the sky isn't kind, screw the weather
Love under the storm, a god's love, a man's love
Love, bravery and two kids out of boundaries
Juliette and Romeo meet in secret
Not because people would mock them
But because Juliette's father wears a kippah
And Romeo's goes to the mosque everyday
So they lie to their families, they work like pros
If there's no place for their love, they'll create the scenery
They love each other at the cinema, a friend's house, in the subway
Because love has places that fathers don't know about
Romeo's father is angry, he suspects something
Juliette's family is jewish, don't go near her!
But Romeo argues and fights back
Who cares if she's jewish, look at how pretty she is!
So their love stays hidden where his father isn't looking
He give her the luxury he can afford
She gets sandwiches and cheeseburgers
Because love has ways that money doesn't know about
But things get messy when Juliette's father
Finds messages he shouldn't have read
A text on the phone and a chatroom
He punishes her,she can't go out anymore
Romeo struggles in the third building's hallway
Despite his friend Mercutio, his joy fades away
His princess is close but locked under a roof
Because love knows jails that reason disgraces
But Juliette and Romeo change the story and run away
As if they love each other to life rather than to death
No cyanide bottle, may Shakespeare see no offense
Because love knows paths that poisons don't know about
Romeo likes Juliette and Juliette likes Romeo
If the sky isn't kind, screw the weather
Love in a reactionary and insulting storm
Love and two kids, ahead of their time
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Roméo kiffe Juliette

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