Fuxam os ventos - Romance da lavandeira (English translation)

English translation

The Laundress's Tale

It was a moonlit night,
It was a clear night
And I was walking by the river
Coming back from the town's celebration.
I found a laundress
Who was washing clothes in the middle of the water.
She was washing in the river
And singing an old song...
Young girl, you who come from the mill!
Young girl, you who walk by the road!
Come and help me to wring
These clothes I've washed!
May the Virgin Mary help me
And may Saint Lawrence protect me!
The laundress has disappeared
Like a fading plume of smoke!
Where she had put her clothes to dry
She left a pool of blood!
It was a moonlit night,
It was a clear night...
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Romance da lavandeira

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