Sagopa Kajmer - romantizma (English translation)

English translation


Childhood is hidden with naphthalene
Memories has pale skin
Who was fool?
Maybe my mind was a sea and I am drowned
Who is responsible?
The weather is cloudy at my eyes
God censored tomorrow
Movies was all cinemascope
My last stranger was a mascot
The past is always black and white
My life is instrumental
My calendar is frieze
My stomach is sick
I produced a lot of reasons. My factories are bankrupt
Who is firendly? Who is real? Answer me!
Apology was like a debt, the most difficult kind to be paid
I gave the heart to seizure
But you were the one who is in debt
The abandonment is just from an evasion
My last known condition is miserable I am alive know that
I am going delete my name. I am in pain dig my wound
Your existance is as the same as your absence
And thousands of carrions that left to die in this road are in chaos
And face my wind
The countdown is at 105. The suffering fallen into dovey
Sleepyness is late at watch. No sleep.
Fear stuffed query inside me
My heart was always broken at the indent
You could not look at my eyes because you were all low-minded
I have turned inside out
I created a trap for every mouse that nibbles me inside
I was suspicious paranoid
I found my soul on the road. Grabbed its arm and put it in its home
I have buried half of me and turned to the sun the other half
My swear was to myself
And watch out it is all over your tongue that you spit
Screams at this soul that you have exploited are tangle
You were my excuse
You were my excellency at my every crime and I started begging
My last condition was miserable
I was asking my present self about my old self
You were my supervision
You became a poem for darknesses and read for tens of times
My last condition was a stranger
The miserable poet broke his pen
Defencing the surface is essential
Justice is a hoax
This road that I know its end revealed the unknown cliff
My eyes are crater hole
Even though, the monotonous pen is at my hand, I write my pessimistic composition
You shall bring my end
Every truth that is made fun of bruises honour
Every passing minute is a phenomenon that collapses metabolism
Humankind has made the decision
Your mistake stabs pride
Ravishers which stand there are the kiss of death for life
Let my dead babies sleep with awe
In the orbit of a misted mirror
My hypnosis is for these misted reflections that travels around
And why saying “I am tired” to almighty with an incomprehensible attitude
I am hopeless about today
Take the mistakes and put them where they belong
I have also challenged every answer with a question
I have founded a theatre with a clue
I have played and found a warrior in his arena. He was blind
The bridge is collapsed in the middle. Sagopa has seen
Your absence was a forced death. The deepest...
Let my hands be your writer
The fire shall begin in the rooms of my mind. I wait cool
I don’t know who I am?
Life is raging bull and I am the red cape.
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