Karina - Romeo y Julieta (English translation)

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Romeo and Juliet

No, we're not Romeo and Juliet
actors of an endless love,
No, we're not Romeo and Juliet,
we're neither in the medieval Italy.
No, we don't have to face
anyone who's opposed to our love,
because, everything is different nowdays,
and today the sun shines radiant of glow.
Sometimes I'm afraid
when I see my happiness,
it could be because I truly love you.
But I think that our joy
must never end
as long as we love each other
always the same.
No, we're not Romeo and Juliet,
those who died for their love.
No, we're not Romeo and Juliet
living prisioners of fear.
No, there's no doubt in our life
And today is so easy to be happy
You just only love me the same
that I, honey, I'm loving you.
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Romeo y Julieta

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