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At a Sidewalk Penny Arcade lyrics

  • Artist: Rosemary Clooney
  • Translations: German

At a Sidewalk Penny Arcade

We thought we'd only stop a moment
But now we're more than glad we stayed
The fun we had was worth a million
At a sidewalk penny arcade.
We aimed at ducks but hit the rabbits
You blamed it on the lemonade
And then you moved when we took pictures
At a sidewalk penny arcade.
Those funny mirrors kept us laughing
And when we made recordings you sang off key
We didn't need a fortune teller
To tell us we were meant to be
And years from now we'll still remember
Our thrilling little escapade
'cause we found heaven right off main street
At a sidewalk penny arcade.
Honey you know the thing that scooped up the trinkets?
Hmm, I think we got a box of popcorn in 20 or 30 tries
Remember? A diamond ring was just at the bottom
It's funny that that little prize was just my size
And then when it was time for closing
There were no games we hadn't played
'cause we took all our change and memories
It only cost a cent but oh how much it meant
At a sidewalk penny arcade.
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