Semino Rossi - Rot Rot sind die Rosen (English translation)

English translation

Red are the Roses

When the evening sun sets slowly
and the first star still stands pale in the sky
Then I come home to you, my darling
With you there is my most beautiful place
And take you in the arm and say to you
*Red, red, red, red are the roses
Roses given from my heart
I bring them home with pleasure for you
And say I thank you for it
That you are so kind to me
**Red, red, red, red are the roses
Roses are as beautiful as our love
And when you laugh with tears
And that makes me so happy
Yes there are also laughs from my heart
And the moon shut it eyes again
And you like it what I do with you now
And there at the window stands the bouquet
A scent of roses in the whole house
My darling, that I endure lifelong
Repeat *,**,**
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Rot Rot sind die Rosen

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