Roxy Perry - Bed of Blues


Bed of Blues

Coming from the rain
I'll put some coffee on
And we can try to talk again
Maybe we can undo this bed we made
I'm talking 'bout this bed of blues
Who's wrong, who's right
Doesn't matter now
You know your pain is deep as mine
If we don't talk it through
We're both gonna stay
On this bed of blues
Well, I tossed and I turned
I'll say don't meet my head
Even when I fall asleep
Dreams bring everything I dread
And I can't count, no I can't count
All the tears I shed
My heart's in such pain
Sometimes I wish it was dead
I'm talking to the walls and the voices in my head
I'm his cruel, cruel hobby
Coming from the rain
We'll try to talk again
Let our love be our common ground
We gotta face the truth
It's both me and you
That made this bed of blues (x3)
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