The Happy Prince (A Musical Fantasy) (OST) - The Happy Prince Prologue

  • Artist: The Happy Prince (A Musical Fantasy) (OST)
  • Song: The Happy Prince Prologue
  • Featuring artist: Roy Bulkin
  • Album: The Happy Prince (OST) (2014)

The Happy Prince Prologue

Listen as I tell you such a sad, sad little story
Of a prince who only wanted to be good
He tried to make a better place
Where all would live without disgrace
And everyone would be the way they should
Every day he'd look around
And see the way his people frowned
And then he tried their troubled days to mend
Even though he could not walk
And only birds could hear him talk
He tried so hard to make their troubles end
Then one day a swallow came
To try to help him in his needs
And try to throw a bow in his happy seeds
And for just a little while
The swallow helped his heart to smile
Changed his ripped clothes for some happy deeds
Summer days were followed
By the colder days of winter
And the swallow could not stay for very long
When he asked her to remain
Her life she gave so he would gain
This is why I sing my sad, sad song
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