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Whirlwind lyrics

  • Artist: Roy Orbison (Roy Kelton Orbison)
  • Album: The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967)


You're the figure of a woman
You're the mind of a child
A pretty whirlwind
You don't know just what you're doing
When you lure me with your smile
A lovely whirlwind
A whirlwind of warm desire
A whirlwind of burning fire
Woman, realize that the devil in disguise
Is a whirlwind born to be running wild and free
Whirlwind, born to make fools of guys like me
You pick me up like a whirlwind
You put me down like a whirlwind
Each time you touch me I'm trouble-bound
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
Whirl, whirl, whirlwind
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From the movie "The Fastest Guitar Alive".


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