Dub Incorporation - Rudebooy (English translation)

English translation

Rude Boy

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Chorus (4 times):
Come I say Rude Boy
And a Dance all reggea music, I
Ouh watcha the test I give you beat why contest now ?
So would you tell me now ?
Do not look for a test if your gun is put away
You never know what it can happen to you
Cause Babylone drives you bad, cause Babylone drives you bad,
Trained by vice you're starting to be disrespectful
It's hard to square up life when you never falled in love
Reared in a 25 square meters
Reared in a 25 square meters
You spend your days in a reinforced concrete decor
A synonymous of gloom workaday
Straight and narrow or reality
You believe being good but you're bad
Chorus (once)
You start to dream to power in illegality
It's from this moment you're starting to be on the blink
You've been attracted by easy money,
You've been attracted by easy money,
A guy told you bad, his words broke your strength
Easy for you you've chosen the easiness
You've started to sink
Bars will just remind you of it
Chorus (twice)
Wayaya yo yé yéyé no
Haya yé yéyé no.
Wa yo yo Hou ho wo no
No, no, no
Babylon makes frustrated reggae fans
But there's no point in generalizing
Every Jah's kid don't turn cliché
When some musicians are symply inspired
A simple tribute to Jah without joy and pro-rasta
Simple message to the king I feel him so close to me
Founder of a family uniting every mines
I'm found of the messiah but Rasta I'm nothing,
Rude Boy I'm not at all
Chorus (twice)
Come I say Rude Boy....
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