Manu Chao - Rumba de Barcelona (English translation)

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Rumba of Barcelona

* Rambla here and there
that's the Rumba of Barcelona
*Rambla from here to there
that's the Rumba of Barcelona
at the mercy of Bibi Malena *
at the mercy of young dog (wandering Boy)
at the mercy of police
at the mercy of Abdu Lula
Rambla from here to there
that's Rumba of Barcelona
Rambla from here to there
that's the Rumba of Barcelona
Te mercé Mademoiselle
Mademoiselle d'Avignon *
at the mercy of Bixo Bahía (a place)
at the mercy of Escudellers*
Rambla from here and there
that's Rumba of Barcelona
Rambla from here and there
that's the Rumba of Barcelona
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Author's comments:

the song is about the city of Barcelona and talks about of the mixture of culture that we can find, and mentions typical places of the city using phrases like:

P' aquí Rambla, Rambla p'allá ( from here and / to there)
* La Rambla : is the oldest promenade of the city created as such in the eighteenth century and also one of the best known, on the Ramblas is a sizable contingent of artists, buskers, painters, mimes, actors, etc.. also houses a multitude of colorful shops.

* Malena Bibi (maybe a name)
This would make reference to transvestites and prostitutes can be seen in the city.

* Abdu Lula
Arabic name that exemplifies the large number of immigrants living in Barcelona.

* Escudellers
Escudellers is one of the streets where most bars and nightclubs are concentrated in the Catalan capital.

*Mademoiselle d'avingon: a picture of the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso painted in 1907


Rumba de Barcelona

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Daaaniii    Sat, 14/01/2012 - 23:44

Ohh thank yooou sooo much! Even if I adooore Manu Chao and know about him a lot and also Barcelona is my favourite city, it seemed for me impossible to find out what is this song about! lucky you if you live in Barcelaona! Una ciudad más linda en el mundo estoy enamorada de ella =)) muchas gracias =)))

ang    Sun, 15/01/2012 - 01:52

Not at all , I'm not from Barcelona but it's an beautiful city
and I'm glad to help you with this one

Daaaniii    Sun, 15/01/2012 - 15:23

oh sorry I thought you were from there cause you know so much about it Regular smile

ang    Sun, 15/01/2012 - 19:11

Don't worry Wink smile