Run for your life!

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Run for your life! (English) — Escape, evade, in the presence of mortal fear. The imperative form of move as fast as you can away from imminent peril real or perceived.
This expression incites panic.

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Translations of "Run for your life! "

CroatianRun for your life
DutchIeder voor zich
EnglishEvery man for himself
Englisheach man save himself
FrenchChacun pour soi
French #1, #2
Frenchsauve qui peut!
GermanRette sich, wer kann!
Germanjeder ist sich selbst der Nächste
GreekΤρέξε για τη ζωή σου
Greekκαθένας για την πάρτη του
Greek (classical)ο σώζων ἑαυτόν σωθήτω
Italianognun per sé
ItalianSi salvi chi può
Italiansi salvi chi può!
LatinCanis canem edit
Latinproximus egomet mihi
LithuanianKiekvienas pats už save.
Persianکس نخارد پشت من جز ناخن انگشت من
PolishRatuj się, kto może.
PortugueseCada um por si
RomanianScapa cine poate.
RussianКаждый сам за себя
RussianСпасайся кто может!
SerbianSvaki čovek za sebe
SerbianНек се спасе ко може.
SlovakKaždý sám za seba
SlovakZachráň sa kto môžeš!
Spanish¡Sálvese quien pueda!
Spanishsálvese quien pueda
Thaiตัวใครตัวมัน (tua-krai-tua-mun)
Turkishherkes kendine
Turkishherkes kendini kurtarsin

"Run for your life! " in lyrics

So lock up your daughter
And lock up your wife
Lock up your back door
And run for your life
The man is back in town
So don't you mess around

AC/DC - T.N.T.


Because the master has sent us
we're announcing the end
the horseman of maliciousness
is feeding his ulcer of jealousy

Rammstein - The master

Love, love is the meaning of life
A man told me, while he was wrapping a cigarette
Her beauty can not be compared to anything
he said with bloody eyes and went to drink up a rakija
Her name is Alma and she was sitting alone on a bench
I told her a stupid joke.

Edo Maajka - Mahir & Alma

we're gettin' back what's ours, the pressure's rising!
The dream strong as never before goin' out on the streets
Whose heaven lied, there was never a hell!
Run for your life. Run, Run! For your life.
we're gettin' back what's ours, the pressure's rising!

Casper - Pressure's Rising/Seeing Blood


In the daylight
I'm your sweetheart,
Your goody-two-shoes prude is a work of art.
But you don't know me

Halestorm - Mz. Hyde

Across the lines
Who would dare to go
Under the bridge
Over the tracks
That separates whites from blacks

Tracy Chapman - Across the Lines

Left-right-straight ahead, theres no way out you're dead
Left-right-straight ahead, theres no way out you're dead

The madness here has locked you up
And now your perfect world is fucked
It's taken root inside your mind

OOMPH! - Labyrinth(English)

When darkness fall, upon you
I see false eyes
I hurt others, not just me
Do you now know were you've got me?
You don't have a shot
Run for your life

Stiftelsen - Out of balance

I can see that you've reached your limit now
I can see were everything comes to an end
I can see everyone of the billions of stars
Light up just to die out
I see you down at the train station
you flinch when our eyes meet

Petra Marklund - Ashes in the wind

Your pedagogic mother thinks Saad is so nice
I am hard I know
The bitch is running when I get there
Run for your life because you know here is a man coming
You know it, I'm the gangster who will survive
The gangster who doesn't think, I'm not easy to ignore

Bushido - Taliban

Na, na, na
Na, na, na

(traduction 2012 en français par MissValentine aka Esperanza Luz Leal, d'après "Run For Your Life" des Beatles, 1964)

The Beatles - Cours Pour Ta Vie (Sauves Ta Peau)

Run and you don't give up
All that you are
All that you want
Run for your life right now
And if you don't know how
I’ll come back with you and take all that’s true

The Fray - Run For Your Life

And after the races he'll take me to dinner and dancing again.
And on Thursday to the tennis matches.
And on Sunday to the country.
What a waste of time, dear Jacques.
What a hopeless waste of time...

Kent - Your Only Friend

I live in a small apartment
I haven't been here long, only an hour
Up to now my life had been easy
Even though it still isn't pure happiness

I inspected every corner

Les Colocs - Beelzebub

If you want to get out alive
Oh, run for your life
If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
Oh, run for your life (Life)
If you want to get out alive (If you want to get out alive)
Oh, run for your life

Three Days Grace - Get Out Alive

How many miles?
How many steps must I take?
How many tears?
How many times can I break?
Show me the meaning now
Show me the reasons why

Lara Fabian - I Am

You better keep your head, little girl
Or you won't know where I am

You better run for your life if you can, little girl
Hide your head in the sand little girl
Catch you with another man

The Beatles - Run For Your Life

They are all hot in this festival
They are all bombs , like not bad

Run for your life , it isn't worth it
Alright , I got stuffy for not even one nail
But I think I'll do it on the sly

M (Chedid) - The B*tches' Festival

Because if hate is our motive
Then there's no hate in me

Run for your life if you love it
It isn't worth hitting back
You can't change

Sara Varga - Run for your life

Wind gets colder
Sun is blood red
Sky grows darker
What will tomorrow bring

Whispers are heard from the world

Pelle Miljoona - Run Wild Child

This is a song about desire...

Fatal velocity comes on with a rush
Overpowering, gives the final push

What never moves, is never still

Poets of the Fall - Desire

You better take it from me
That boy is like a disease
You run and you try and you're tryin' to hide
And you're wondering why you can't get free

He's like a curse, he's like a drug

Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova

You can run for your life, run from place to place
Still you're tied to material and our time
You can lay on plushcouch or on a handsome man
But you can't catch a salmon with a lure that's meant for a perch

No harness decorate my chest

Hassisen Kone - Hobos' nightbeer


Because the master sent us
we herald the doom
the rider of spite
feeds his ulcer of envy

Rammstein - The master

Don't be afraid!
Robots found watsy
La la la la
Come take me higher
Take all the things that I know for sure, come take them to slaughter,

Ke$ha - Aliens Invading

We are young, we are free, this is our city
we have nothing to loose
the time has come, I'm in, this is our night
rather burn than freeze
we are young, we are free, this is our city,
we have nothing to loose

Fettes Brot - Rather Burn than Freeze

se no de tobidashite seidaku awase nomu
sabitsuku hate no momentamu
sumashigao no muubii sutaa kirabiyaka na rokku sutaa
fukitonde douretsu
We're modern strange cowboy

GRANRODEO - modern strange cowboy

I'm the city's bitterest man
And I never pipe down
I usually go over the rails
So run for your life while you can
Because I'm the city's bitterest man

Thomas Holm - The City's Bitterest Man

Alright, listen!
Listen, full concentration,
no time to lose.
Take care of the boys,
continue believing you can write your own story.
You stand at the center of the situation,

Looptroop Rockers - With Solution in Hand

Oh this sky, these eyes
This staggering longing for something
This glimpse of joy about reunion
with the moment that just past
If I could stop time
I would live life over again once more

tv·2 - The Whole World Is Out Of Its Mind

澄まし顔のムービースター きらびやかなロックスター
We're modern strange cowboy

GRANRODEO - modern strange cowboy

Run for your life
You should not wait,
Suit yourself; I'm looking through you
I get out Sunday morning,
As tears go by, my time;
I'm dying

Those Dancing Days - Shuffle

He is like fire burning through time,
As old as forever but fast in his prime.
I saw his blue spaceship materialize,
He looked out and said to me run for your life!

I don't know why I never thought to ask him for his name,

Chameleon Circuit - An Awful Lot Of Running

Какво чувство!
Трябва да го изживееш, за да повярваш.
То си е само мое
И сега танцувам за да спася живота си[fn]Видоизменен израз Run for your life – Бягам, за да спася живота си.[/fn]

Вземи своята страст

Irene Cara - Какво чувство

this vicious attack
is fighting for the night
the blackout is coming
you better run for your life

Skull Fist - Blackout

little one better heed my warning
devil is kind
he come i early morning
devil is fine
he go by many names
devil is kind

Zeal and Ardor - Devil Is Fine

It's Courtney, bitch.
(Rat a tat tat Rat a tat tat hey)

No thesis existed for burning cities down at such a rampant rate
No graphics and no fucking powerpoint presentation
So they just DIY'd that shit and built their own bombs

Fall Out Boy - Rat A Tat

tell a lie and the liar must always die... (fading away)

Stay for a while, stay forever. Sing for the times you are
bound to betray. Run for your life, run forever, your eyes
tell a lie and the liar must always die.

Sonata Arctica - 8th Commandment

A slow death is guaranteed for you, as I'll kill you in a perfidious way!
Run for your life, because now it's getting really hard!
Respect, the emphasis perfect, slow and sordid!
Say your last prayer, for it should be like this

Die Ärzte - Die Hard

And once I'd swung it just enough...
I began to enjoy myself so... ♥♡

Run! Run! Run for your life!
Forget the play and the lines!
'Til the point of madness,

HitoshizukuP - Bad ∞ End ∞ Night

Run for your life (one day you'll understand, one day you'll understand)
If you leave me behind, you'll get there in time

Run for your life, run for your life
If you leave me behind, you'll get there in time

Matt Cardle - Run for your life

Take cover, run for your life
'Cause I’d rather die than let you get away,
Get away from me

Run, take cover and save yourself
It's ok, you'll be going under

Blessthefall - God Wears Gucci

Wanna tell you about a friend of mine.
Her name is Rita Valentine.
Every summer night you can find her dancin',
Barefoot under a front porch light.
All the boys would bring her flowers and wine.
I'd be singin' when they drove by:

Deana Carter - Rita Valentine

The alarm clock is ringing - get up
Go outside quietly
Because your wife and children still sleep, that's the way it
You are used to leaving your house when it's still dark outside
And you encourage yourself
Because your job is not that perfect

Thomas Godoj - You run

Run for your life
Don't follow what the others are doing
If you look back
Will you see ahead of you
The asphalt is a merciless thing to trip on
When you're in midair

Pariisin Kevät - Volcanoes

You need to know what it's like
To be left and crucified
To be stripped and torn to pieces
You just left me there to die

Tell me why do you breed

Bullet for My Valentine - Run for your life

Wake up
Run for your life with me
Wake up
Run for your life with me

In another perfect life

Foo Fighters - Run

I ride with the Killerman Gold Posse
And we rob from the rich and we give to the poor
And the poor are we, and the poor are we
And we are so poor, and we want some more
And it's just another, just another, just another, just another,
Just another, just another, just another, just another day

French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Killerman Gold Posse

Wishing through a window
You see her eyes of sorrow
And though you try to help her
It gets worse before it's better
It hits you like a cold truth
It's only ever old news

Måns Zelmerlöw - Run For Your Life

This is Russia’s premier state-funded hotel
We’re very proud of our eclectic clientele
Excellence in service since 1932
Don’t believe what you read in the online reviews

Muppets Most Wanted (OST) - The Big House

[Intro - ScHoolboy Q:]
Breathing [?] in my system
Watching your body hypnotize me from your rhythm
Put that thing up in my kitchen
See your body type's the carry on tradition
You and jeans open doors, key, keys to a Porsche

Ne-Yo - Run / An Island

All right, listen!
Listen, full concentration
No time to lose
Take care of (unintelligible)
And keeping believing you can write your own story
You're standing at Gryta Centrum

Looptroop Rockers - In Hindsight

3, 2, 1, the pressure's rising!

We're taking back what's ours
The pressure's rising!
We're taking back what's ours
The pressure's rising!

Casper - The Pressure's Rising / Seeing Blood

Yeah, it's still the same, can't you feel the pain?
When the needle hits the vein, ain't nothin' like the real thing
I've seen it once before and oh it's something else, good god

Cool breeze come on in, sunshine come on down
These are the teardrops of a clown, the circus coming to town

Gnarls Barkley - Run

When I'm crawling through the night
God and Satan by my side
And I'm haunted in the dark
Sacramentum of the wild
Evil born as human child
Seed of wolf and man we are

Powerwolf - Night Of The Werewolves

El mejor hotel estatal de Rusia entera
Siempre está muy orgulloso de su clientela
Excelente desde 1932
Lo que diga internet, no lo debes creer todo, no

Muppets Most Wanted (OST) - Bienvenido a la Cárcel (The Big House) [European Spanish]

And morning comes with a meltdown
This town is needing a shakedown
We've been burning bridges for hours
Guided by higher powers

And rising up from the edges

6 Day Riot - Run for Your Life

Clouds of dust are rising to the sky
Legion marching all over the place
They omen doom, death and decay
Run for your life now if you want to survive

War has come, bringing death

Myrath - Under Siege

[Verse 1]
I've got a crush, la la la la la la
Like a school girl
And now you wanna rush, la la la la la la
Like a fool, what?
So step on the gaps, la la la la la la

Sia - Underneath The Mistletoe

Das ist Russlands staatlich finanziertes Hotel
Wir sind sehr stolz auf unsere gemischte Klientel
Exzellenter Service seit achtzig Jahren schon
Was im Internet steht ist nicht und gelogen

Muppets Most Wanted (OST) - Unser Kittchen (The Big House)

It was late in a Lebanese restaurant
In the heat of a Lebanese night
There was dancing, people were singing
She came in from the garden outside

And in her eyes I saw the stars

Chris de Burgh - Lebanese Night (concert version)

I had a name but they took it from me
I was the man that I wanted to be
I had a place where I lay my head
They burnt it to the ground and the sky turned red

I had a life and a place in the world

Lord Huron - The World Ender

Oh you're so dead to me
Another broken promise and our love ends in tragedy
So lock the door and hide the key
And pray to god that you'll never see the likes of me
Hey love tell me what's that sound
Could it be that I've found you

New Years Day - Murder

We are forced by rules and worth
Transformed to spineless whores

Blinded from consume and media
Outwardness and greed

Parasite Inc. - Function Or Perish

The seals will break
One by one
Trials will rise
For all man kind

No one knows

Saint Deamon - Run For Your Life

He saw a war was waging had to escape
She told the youths get ready, they're gonna make it
"Run for your life" she tells them, the walls are breaking
Peace should be in your future, it's for the taking

Skip Marley - Refugee

going the whole hog
getting caught up
in the run for your life game,
we just fool ourselves[fn]another bit of nonsense stringing expressions based on "jeu/jouer" together[/fn]

Les 3 Mousquetaires (Comédie musicale) - I'm not bought and sold

Life’s a show in which everyone takes a part
And sings his own story through the reflection in the mirror
It’s alright, and if sometimes you cry
The song of happiness will warm your heart

Buffy - Once More With Feeling (OST) - Give Me a Life

Come out at night
Souls of damnation
Deep in your eyes
Just desperation

The Dogma - Wicked Angels

I'm stressed out of my mind
I can't seem to find what's up and down
I'm frustrated and short for time
Life's a misery, won't you agree with me?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Pain - Reach Out (And Regret)

in all directions, yelling
- Shut up, Barbara !

- Run for your life! they cried
Even without a nose
Curious Barbara is as nosey as ever!

Andrey Usachev - Curious Barbara

Some will be left alone and others shall be living fossils.
Whenever it gets dark, I see homeless souls wandering around the deserted alleys dancing zeibek in shadow corners
and their own fate is pumping them up.
You told me that you'll run for your life. At the bridge, you
check the weather forecast. I advised you to rush for the last departure so as to check homeless souls wandering around deserted alleys at nights.
I'm going against the weather, in a faraway trip without any oasis,

Giorgos Tsirigotis - Homeless souls

Do not stand alone in the dark, Boogeyman's running around
And that bastard's taking big strides, run for your life, kid
Do not stand alone in the dark, Boogeyman's running around
And that bastard's taking big strides, run for your life, kid
Do not stand alone in the dark, Boogeyman's running around
And that bastard's taking big strides, big strides

Vald - Infanticide

Now I tell you an ancient tale
Of an ancient man
From not such a distant land
Chivalry rode forth on his mighty horse
The crest of the church
Engraved upon his chest

Kamelot - Proud Nomad

I can hear steps.
The sound becomes louder and louder.
I'm scared.
Too late.
Confusion. Panic.

Maria Chatziilia - The demon inside me

[Verse 1]
I don't know
What kind of girl you're taking me for
Ey, ey, eey
All I know
It's you're about to start up a war

Sharon Doorson - Run Run

I come from a world where all alarms are false
I come from a world that only has one pulse

In all worlds nothing is immutable
Our nature is gentle and the divine is mental

Les Friction - Your World Will Fail

Keeping one eye open. Sleeping with the enemy.
I see no heart in the frozen dark, that ever speaks to me.
Would you cut me from the branches? Release me from the chains?
Ain't no body coming home to me, since you've gone your way.

Everytime I lay down. Shut my mind, but I see you,

Elias - Green Eyes

I learned trouble from a very young age
Might be looking for a savior, but don't wanna be saved
You don't wanna hear the truth, you don't wanna hear the truth
And don't be fooled by the way I like to touch your hand
'Cause I can love you, I can kill you with the very same breath
You only fall in love and I'm only gonna run

Ruth Lorenzo - Good girls don't lie

確かな手 信じた手 探して出かける
不安な氣持ち胸に それでも前に進めば
新しい夜明け 君へと繫がってく

KAT-TUN - Run For You