Bajaga i Instruktori - Ruski voz (English translation)

English translation

The Russian Train

Train, a sleepy train to Kharkiv,
Gomel, Leningrad
I know how
Far Belgrade is tonight
Pen and paper will never be able to
And all the Russian postman
cannot bring you the letter
that I am writing, a stamp with the face of Lenin
And in the letter, my only one, the sorrow that is breaking me apart
Vodka is not rakia, although tonight it is hitting hard
My sorrow is big, as big as Russia
I cannot send love
Because it cannot be sent
Neither could I bring your kisses with me
Train, in the train wrinkled faces of passengers
You are somewhere behind those mountains
Are you maybe asleep, or are you awake like me?
Are you bothered by restlessness or is nothing bothering you?
When you read the letter
That I am writing
The secret will be hidden
Behind these lines
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Ruski voz