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Here Comes The Morning lyrics

  • Artist: Russell Watson
  • Album: Only One Man (2013)

Here Comes The Morning

Here comes the morning
This is my morning
For when the day is done,
I'll leave for a land that is free
And when I have gone, I will see
Still more cold nights of waiting
Days all alone, loving or hating
But still there's time for me to learn
Wherever there are dreams
The fire of hope will burn,
Always waiting
The day is dawning
I watch the sun rise
This is my morning
And take a chance with open eyes
The man should love before he dies
Every day the sun will rise
Here comes the morning
This is my morning
And when the day is done
The sun paints its last silhouette
With luck by the time that it sets
You'll be home
Submitted by Fer ChevalierFer Chevalier on Sat, 13/08/2022 - 21:03


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