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I Miss You My Dear lyrics

  • Artist: Russell Watson
  • Album: Only One Man (2013)

I Miss You My Dear

I need to know if it’s your flight
That leaves at eight fifteen tonight
To Santiago flight eight one two,
A one-way ticket far from you.
I say what do you think?
Hit the town for a drink?
Well, the traffic crawls, the lights are red,
I get inside but nothing’s said.
A station hums, a train departs,
And leaves a sound of beating hearts.
I say why don’t you stop at the duty free shop?
How I miss you dear,
Although I know you’re still here.
Yes, from head to toe,
How I miss you so.
I stare at the screen,
This airport is obscene.
Yes, from head to toe
How I miss you so.
Grab a ticket and run
To the gate of the stair,
I can’t wait to be done
With this awful affair.
You tell me that my eyes are dry,
You hate to see a grown man cry.
It’s time to board, you smile and say
I’ll see you soon and turn away.
I’m waving to you
And then heading homeward again.
How I miss you dear,
Although I know you’re still here.
You won’t ever know
How I miss you so.
Long nights of despair,
The plane falls through the air.
Each day’s like a year.
God! I miss you dear.
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