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My Love And I lyrics

  • Artist: Russell Watson
  • Album: Only One Man (2013)

My Love And I

I wake each morning to a room
Wet with the heat of her perfume.
The fragrance sings of summer nights
And fresh cut grass, and sweet delights.
Toward a steaming cup of tea,
I see her bend so tenderly.
Her hair cascades to hide her face,
A weeping willow in her place.
Sleep leaves a scruple and a crease,
And yet the wonders never cease.
The cigarette that starts her day
It’s like a fireworks display.
She takes a shower and I blush,
I long to be the scrubbing brush.
She dons a shirt, the angels curse;
It’s like a striptease in reverse.
My love and I, my love and I,
How I pray it could stay until the day we die.
My love and I, my love and I,
For her this endless love is only passing by.
So many times I hear her say
That she is free to go her way,
So I escape inside my mind,
And leave my sorry self behind,
Pretend I’m someone more urbane,
Who’s half inspired, and half insane.
It all comes crashing to the floor,
When she goes walking out the door
My love and I, my love and I,
We are one making love beneath the moonlit sky.
My love and I, my love and I,
But when the sun returns,
She smiles and says goodbye.
If this is what she wants,
I’d give my life to try.
My love and I, my love and I,
For me it’s quite alright,
This endless love that’s passing by.
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