Eviatar Banai - תיאטרון רוסי (English translation)

English translation

Russian Theatre

Seeing what I feel for you
Several weeks after our last conversation
What do I want from you
I feel that you’re too much for me
Pretty and naked in a Russian theatre
How I hate you like this
I wasn’t happy when you were with me
You’re far from being some peace and quiet for me
I’m furious and I hope you’ll fail
that you’ll keep on shivering and fearing madness
I wish you’ll stay alone forever
What does it mean, not wanting to be with me?
It’s very difficult here, all this loneliness, alas for me
I've got pressure in my ears
and blue movies in my head
I have arak and a piano
and as for now, I don’t have a love
Submitted by Orit Shahar on Fri, 21/04/2017 - 19:14

תיאטרון רוסי