RV 626 In furore iustissimae irae (English translation)


RV 626 In furore iustissimae irae

N. 1 - Aria
In furore iustissimae irae
Tu divinitus facis potentem.
Quando potes me reum punire
Ipsum crimen te gerit clementem.
N. 2 - Recitativo
Miserationum Pater piissime
Parce mihi dolenti peccatori languenti
O Jesu dulcissime.
N. 3 - Aria
Tunc meus fletus evadet laetus
Dum pro te meum languescit cor
Fac me plorare
Mi Iesu care
Et fletus laetus fovebit cor.
N. 4 - Alleluia
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In the fury of most righteous wrath

No. 1 - Aria
In the fury of most righteous wrath
You, of divine nature, show great strength;
When able to punish me, the guilty one
You are lenient towards the crime (I committed).
No. 2 - Recitativo
Most pious Father of compassion
Spare me, weary suffering sinner
Oh, sweetest Jesus.
No. 3 - Aria
Then my weeping will become happy
While for you my heart weakens.
Let me cry
Dear Jesus
And my happy tears will keep warm my heart.
No. 4 Hallelujah
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