Så vill jag inte leva (English translation)


Så vill jag inte leva

Livet rusar förbi
I en fart
Man glömmer stanna upp och ta
Dagen som den kommer här
Känna vinden i håret
Precis som där
Solen strålar, smeker din kind
I en hjälpande hand till vännen din
Så mycket vi gjort
Som vi inte borde
Det vi aldrig gjort
Som vi inte torde
Så vill jag inte leva
Feg och rädd för att dela
Sorg och glädje om mitt liv
Allt varit innebär
Att vara människa
Som lär sig under tiden
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English translation

I don't want to live like that

Life rush past
In a speed
You forget to stop and take
The day as it comes here
Feel the wind in the hair
Just like there
The sun is shining, caressing your cheek
In a helping hand to your friend
So much we did
That we shouldn't have
That which we never did
That we didn't dare
I don't want to live like that
Timid and scared to share
Sorrow and joy about my life
Everything it means
To be human
That learn along the way
“Oh, da spirits be with ya now, mon."
- Bwonsamdi
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Author's comments:

So I translated "allt varit innebär" as a typo because it sounds really strange. The actual word to word translation would be "everything been means" maybe it makes a bit of sense? In Swedish it's not even a correct sentence. Continuing then on the next sentence "to be human," that sounds like it's meant to go together with the previous sentence, makes even less sense. Therefore I've translated it as if it says "allt vad det innebär" instead, which she could as well have said since "varit" sounds quite similar to "vad det."
If it is a simple case of typo, then someone kindly please fix it and leave a message for me to remove this comment. If it's not, then message me and I'll change the translation. Thanks Regular smile
Guess that's all, hope the translation is to your liking.

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