Kosmikud - Sünnipäev (me haiglatuppa tuli) (English translation)


Sünnipäev (me haiglatuppa tuli)

mu voodi äärde tuli
kaashaige teisest toast
käes ahtakeses hoidis kevadlilli, kevadlilli
õrnvalgeid kevadlilli ta
ja ütles, saabun’d tähtis päev on
tal täna on ju sünnipäev
ning palju toodud lilli, palju toodud lilli
muist annetab nüüd mulle ta
sünnipäev, sünnipäev
me haiglatuppa tuli
ma laususin paar tänusõna
ja tummalt õnnitlesin ka
sest selleks puudusid mul sõnad
nii liigutatud olin ma
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English translation

Birthday (Came to Our Ward)

A fellow patient came to my bedside
from another room.
In his shrunken hand, he was holding springflowers, springflowers,
tender-white springflowers
and said that an important day had arrived
for it was his birthday that day
and lots of flowers had been brought,
and he'd donate a part of them to me
Birthday, birthday
came to our hospital room
I said a few thanking words
and also congratulated him voicelessly
because I had no words for it
I was so moved
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