Sənə Ehtiyacım Var (English translation)

English translation

I need you

I have lived in longing of sharing my nights with you
I have written your name
On the tears that fall onto my pillow
The nights have no names, my nights are dark
I am begging you, if nothing, even for one minute
Come into my dreams
I've never thought about anyone as much as I've thought about you
I've never looked for someone as much as I've searched for you
I've never fallen for anyone like I've fallen in love with you
You're something else, my love, I need you
The hearts that can hear the rain's tales
If we forbid thinking about our loves
None of those hearts will do as their told
My heart wants you, it wants you without reason
I'm begging you, if nothing, in my dreams
Come to me without warning
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Sənə Ehtiyacım Var

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