Să-mi dai curaj (English translation)


Să-mi dai curaj

Oare am sa pot din nou sa cred in iubiri
Oare am sa pot uita amintiri
Eu am ales candva un drum ce nu-l pot afla
Am ascultat atunci inima
Vreau sa-mi dai curaj sa zbor
Acolo unde stiu ca pot visa in culori
Vreau sa-mi dai curaj sa sper
Sa uit tot ce-a fost ieri
Vreau sa iubesc
De cate ori am vrut sa gasesc un nou inceput
De-atatea ori am dat tot ce-am avut
Doar un cuvant as vrea sa-mi dea increderea
Sa pot din nou afla dragostea
Submitted by MariusIonescu88MariusIonescu88 on Tue, 15/12/2020 - 01:33
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music: Marian Ionescu
lyrics: Cristi Enache

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To give me courage

Will I be able to believe in love again
Will I be able to forget memories
I once chose a path that I can't find
I listened to my heart then
I want you to give me courage to fly
there where I know that I can dream in colours
I want you to give me courage to hope
to forget all that was yesterday
I want to love.
How many times I wanted to find a new begining
So many times I gave all that I had
Just one word I want to give me confidence
to find love again.
Submitted by MariusIonescu88MariusIonescu88 on Thu, 14/01/2021 - 15:16
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