Kosmikud - Saabub õhtu (English translation)


Saabub õhtu

Saabub õhtu ja mu meel on nii paha
viskan kustunud sigareti maha
Alles eile kohtasin sind ma
täna juba oled unustand mind sa
Pole kellegagi seda õnne juhtund,
kellesse sa oleks korralikult suhtund
Mina olen sul nüüd järgmine ohver,
niimoodi see kõigiga läeb – oojee –
niimoodi see kõigiga läeb
Istusin ma peol ühes nurgas
sina olid eemal teiste hulgas
Korraks vaatasid sa minu poole,
rõõmsamaks ei teinud see minu meele
Jälle kohtasin tänaval sind ma,
ei teinud tundmagi mind sa
Kas tõesti meelest on läinud,
mida ühist me oleme teinud?
Istusin ma hubases baaris,
nagu nõidus olid sina ka siin
Keegi noormees oli su kõrval,
minu kiuste suudles ta sind seal
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English translation

Evening Arrives

Evening arrives and I'm in a bad mood
To the ground, I throw a cigarette that has gone out
Just yesterday I met you,
today you've already forgotten me
No one has had this fortune
Whom have you ever treated properly?
Now I'll be your next victim
That's what happens with everyone
I was sitting in a corner at a party
You were quite near among the others
For just a bit you looked towards me,
it didn't make me any merrier
Again I met you in the streets
You acted like you didn't know me
Have you really forgotten
what we have done together?
I was sitting in a cosy bar
Like some sorcery, you were also here
Some lad was beside you
despite me he kissed you there1
  • 1. or "he kissed to annoy me"
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