Adam (Lebanon) - Sadaat (صدقت) (English translation)


Sadaat (صدقت)

صدقت ماصدقت
مش هم راح الوقت
قلبك الك خليك
قلبي بأيدك حرقت
وموجوع ومش موجوع
مش هام تبكي دموع
و درب البعد تمشية
م اليوم مافي رجوع
ومافي اليك بكرا
ولا صورة للذكري
وبالقلب ولا دقه
وبالبال ولا فكرة
عمري انسرق مني سرقه
والباقي بعمرك
حبيتك وماعرفت
انك اناني وشفت
غدر الدنيا بعينيك
مصدوم فيك وقفت
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English translation

Whether You Believe

Whether you believe it or not
our time was lost in vain
Keep your heart to yourself
You have burned my heart with your own hands
Whether you are in pain or not,
the tears you cry are in vain
You should walk the path of our separation
From now on there is no going back
Tomorrow there won't be
even a photograph of you as a memory
And not one heartbeat in my heart for you
nor even a thought on my mind
I was robbed my life blatantly
and the rest of it is in yours1
I fell in love with you and didn't know
that you were selfish and I saw
the most terrible treachery in your eyes
I stood in shock about you
  • 1. Tough one, it's a double meaning. 1) you stole parts of my life and now they were added to yours 2) Good luck with your life (of course meant bitterly).
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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