safe and sound

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Idiomatic translations of "safe and sound"

حي يرزق
بصحة وعافية
Živ, klan, nedoklan.
Bo i estalvi
Živ a zdráv
I god behold
sain(e) et sauf(ve)
Vîf e san.
heil und gesund
Ép és egészséges
Sano e salvo
Жив и здрав!
São e salvo
viu şi nevătămat
živ i zdrav
zdrav i čitav
živý a zdravý
Sano y salvo

Meanings of "safe and sound"


Živ i zdrav - kada je osoba o kojoj se govori sigurna i bez ogrebotina.

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ligtas at di nasaktan

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Sicher und geborgen

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heil und wohlbehalten

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σώος και αβλαβές

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Sano e salvo

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Vivo e vegeto
Sano e salvo

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são e salvo

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целый и невридимый.

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Cuando la persona de la que se está hablando está segura y sin un rasguño.

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"safe and sound" in lyrics

Celtic Woman - Land of the Young

We build our life of a sacred ground
Come my love, our world's may part
We'll be safe and sound

National Anthems & Patriotic Songs - Independence March

And tears of blood shall, oh Lord, spill out from my every wound,
And my lifeless body shall burst forth from the earth like an eternal spirit,
Perhaps only then, shall I peacefully ascend and at long last reach the heavens.[fn]The image being painted here is that of a battle-fallen and pain-stricken patriot, who becomes ecstatic following the victorious end of the War of Independence. Despite not having a headstone at their final resting place, this is a person whose mind, body and soul have at long last found peace, and may thus finally ascend and reach the heavens, knowing that their homeland is safe and sound once and for all, and that all their suffering was worth it in the end.[/fn]

Scriptonite - This is love

I've lost myself again somewhere outside in the district.
You keep ringing me again to make sure I'm safe and sound.
Among those guys, dealers and gopniks, cars, cops.

Frozen 2 (OST) - All is Found

Where the north wind meets the sea
There’s a river full of memory
Sleep, my darling, safe and sound
For in this river, all is found

Arijit Singh - Safe and Sound

It doesn't matter if I stay in this world
It doesn't matter if you leave
Just let this love of ours live long[fn]The sentence literally means: Let this love of ours have a safe and sound life[/fn]

Victor Crone - Storm

Can break a man like this
And when it all calms down
We’ll be safe and sound

Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg - Celtic Woman - Oonagh: chorus translated to Gaelige-Irish

We build our life of a sacred ground
Come my love our worlds may part
We'll be safe and sound

Celtic Woman - Tír na nÓg

We build our life of a sacred ground
Come my love, our world's may part
We'll be safe and sound

Martin Garrix - No Sleep

Wide awake, no time to waste,
Make a mark on my timeline.
We're safe and sound, we come around,
We are dancing, the sun down.

Hiroyuki Sawano - omake pfadlib

Will I stay where it's safe and sound?
Will I fight 'till I hit the ground?
Inside the bitter cage
All the flowers wilt down in the crimson sky...

Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch

But on the real, I'm album mode
Just dropped this freestyle 'fore these files get old
When I lay low, bitches be safe and sound
When I come back, they better not make a sound

Emigrate - You Are So Beautiful

Down to the ground
I'm with you
You can only be safe and sound
When I'm around

Kate Rusby - Until Morning

And it feels like it's so long till morning
But together we are bound
So I will keep you safe and sound
And I'll hold your hand

Poppy - I disagree

When it all burns down Let it all burn down
Burn it to the ground
We'll be safe and sound
When it all burns down

Camila Cabello - Consequences

Loving you was young, and wild, and free
Loving you was cool, and hot, and sweet
Loving you was sunshine, safe and sound
A steady place to let down my defenses

Walt Whitman - O Captain! My Captain!

My father does not feel my arm,
he has no pulse nor will,
The ship is anchor’d safe and sound,
its voyage closed and done,

Yunus Emre - Nectar of Truth

passed through Glory to Allah

Safe and Sound
We cut across and

Rex Orange County - 10/10

(Yeah-ah-ah, woah, yeah)

Now I'm safe and sound where I belong
It took all my strength to carry on

Richard Marx - Hazard

I swear I left her by the river
I swear I left her safe and sound
I need to make it to the river

Christian Hymns & Songs - God is good all the time

And there are shadows all around
Do not fear, He will guide you
He will keep you safe and sound
'Cause He's promised to never leave you